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of the top taxpayers in the entire united states. >> opening night for maryland live is next wednesday and the doors open at 10:00. >>> it appears the people of maryland will have the last say on same sex marriages in the state. opponents of gay marriage submitted more than twice the number of petition signatures yesterday to put that issue on the ballot in november. gary has more. >> reporter: some will get thrown out but the signatures turned in tuesday will be enough to put gay marriage on the november ballot. >> marylanders are engaged in the process. they are signing the petition and they want their voice to be heard. >> reporter: opponents want to overturn the law signed by the governor this year that permits it and they point to votes in other states. >> 32 time where is it has gone before the ballot box. people have voted to uphold marriage between one man and one woman. >> reporter: but not all reflect the vote opponents. >> we know there are people that want to go to the ballot and vote for it. >> reporter: he cites the recent support of the president of the naacp as a trend
angered many in pakistan. and danielle nottingham reports that some people here in the united states accuse the president of using bin laden's death to gain points with voters. >> reporter: pakistan has not answer some key questions one year after osama bin laden was killed at this compound. pakistani leaders ordered an investigation into whether the terror leader had a support network inside the country. but pakistan is not disclosing its findings and the u.s. says it's disappointed. president obama makes no apologies for killing the al qaeda leader who ordered the 9/11 attacks. >> i said that i would go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him. and i did. >> reporter: on this first anniversary, the president and his republican rival are trading swipes on the bin laden raid. the president has hinted that mitt romney might not have taken down the terror mastermind. >> i just recommend that everybody take a look at people's previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into pakistan and take out bin laden. i assume that people meant what they said
for president of the united states. >> reporter: gingrich got off to a rocky start when he entered the race last year. most of his staff quit almost immediately over differences about how to run the campaign. he battled back with a surprise win in south carolina, but he couldn't keep up with mitt romney's campaign spending, and he performed poorly in the larger primary states. gingrich will make his announcement here in his adopted home state of virginia. in the coming weeks, he is expected to endorse romney. but during the race, gingrich repeatedly attacked romney. >> the massachusetts moderate who created romney care. >> reporter: president obama's campaign is trying to take advantage of those attacks in a new video. >> as a man who wants to run for the president of the united states who can't be honest with the american people. >> reporter: gingrich says he's leaving the race but will continue to help republicans defeat president obama in november. danielle nottingham, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >>> bruce leshan is covering the gingrich announcement and also mitt romney's visit to the reg
against the united states have been killed. security officials in yemen say they were killed in an air strike early this morning. it also reports that all of them were part of al qaeda and linked to that new underwear bombing plot against the united states. former intelligence officials say the double agent who gave up information about the plot also led drones to those terrorists in yemen. >>> two deadly bombings rocked the syrian capital of damascus on thursday and at least 55 people were killed. this is the deadliest attack since the uprising began more than a year ago. >> reporter: amateur video captured the second explosion and the kayuous that followed -- chaos that followed as it hit during rush hour on the streets of damascus. the powerful blast destroyed buildings, mangled cars and left huge craters in the roads. the two suicide bombers used to tons of explosives killing people and injuring more than 350 others. supporters of the embattled president protested that the general overseeing the united nations peacekeeping mission toured the scene. the u.n. brokered a cease-fire a
,000 recordings over ten years. >>> there's a possible new agreement in the standoff with the united states and china over a blind dissident. chen guangchen is still in the hospital. manuel gallegus reports. >> reporter: the u.s. and china are now working out a deal to allow activist chen guangchen to study abroad. >> over the course of the day, progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants. and we will be staying in touch with him. >> reporter: the state department says c hen has been offered a fellowship at a new york university. he has been in a beijing hospital for the past few days after escaping house arrest and taking refuge in the american embassy. the blind activist has been outspoken about china's forced abortion policy. [ speaking foreign language ] >> earlier this week he said he wanted to stay in china with his family. but later changed his mind and said he feared for his safety. >> he confirmed that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton is in beijing for high level
rights. >> as part of our dialogue, the united states raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedom. >> reporter: chen wants to leave china with clinton. the state department has stopped short of saying whether washington would reopen negotiations. >> reporter: he still in the hospital. >>> the forecast is up next. >> i've already met our beautiful dog. he's a pretty one. and the weather is turning into a pretty afternoon. great lunch hour. we have the allergy count and that's a little bit better. the tree pollen is only moderate. weeds and mold are low. chances for storms and i'll let you know how warm it's going to get tomorrow. the whole 9 yards is coming up when 9 news now returns. >> we've been going through the e-mails and websites to save you money. need to unwind. a 60 minute massage for $40. the massage usually runs $90. find a deal on google offers, and there's limited availability. guilt city has an idea. a brunch or four course dinner in dupont circle. this starts at $35, a 41% savings. and best's deal of the day is for nikon digital camer
to help wipe out hunger in africa. >> as the wealthiest nation on earth, i believe the united states has a moral obligation to lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition. >> reporter: the fight plans to take the same message toiletedders of world's wealthiest nations this weekend at the g-8 summit in camp david. >> donor countries including g- 8 members and international organizations agree to more closely align our assistance. >> reporter: lift 50 million people out of the poverty over the next 10 years. president obama left the g-8 summit with $22 billion in pledges for food aid. this year he will press his counterparts to make good on the promises. g-8 leaders will be focused offends the spirals -- on the spiraling financial crisis in europe. before heading to camp david president obama is welcoming france's new leader, francois hollande to the white house. they're expects the talk about afghanistan ahead of the nato summit this weekend in chicago. >> chicago is a critical milestone in the next step towards a responsible ending of this war. toward our achieving very importantly ou
explaining how many different groups of people met hostility when they first came to the united states. >> the irish caught hell, the jews caught hell, the pollocks caught hell. the chinese caught hell. >> that is considered a derog ter name -- derogatory name for polish people. local asian leaders accepted his apology and they say that they want to work with him in order to ease racial tension. barry now has also apologized to the polish community. >>> musician chuck brown brought washingtonians from all backgrounds together and plans have been finalized to celebrate the life and legacy of the godfather of gogo. a viewing will take place on tuesday at the howard theater from 11:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. then there will be a public memorial service on thursday from noon to 3:00 p.m. at the washington convention center. chuck brown died at the age of 75. his unique mix of funk, soul and latin party sounds made gogo a lasting hit in the nation's capital. >>> still to come when 9news now continues, history is made aboard the international space station simply because they have a fresh suppl
the official myrtle beach visitors guide. right inside it says number one best beach in the united states by trip vitzor 2 -- trip advisor 2010 and 2011. i didn't know that. >> myrtle beach is very underrated. it's 60 miles which is why it's called the grand strand. 60 miles of beach that for the most part it public. you know when you go to most beaches if you're not staying the at hotel, you're not getting the best areas of the beach. so untrue with myrtle. you can literally ride down the main strip, pull up on the side anywhere where there's beach access and have the best experience. >> what about the hotels? do they run the gamut from medium to high to inexpensive? >> they do. myrtle beach is historically known as very budget conscious. you can mom and pop hotels, condos going up. recently i experienced the more luxurious side of myrtle beach. i stayed at the marriott grand dunes resort and spa which is the number one north american marriott resort in the country. it's beautiful. >> how far is myrtle beach from here? how long does it take you to get there? >> it's about six'ish hours.
i was down in washington. i'm the first united states senator i ever knew. i was down in washington hiring my staff and i got a phone call saying that my family had been in an accident. just like you guys know, by the tone of the phone call you just knew, didn't you? you knew when they walked up the path, you knew when the call came, you knew. you just felt it in your bones something bad happened. and i knew. i don't know how i knew but the call said my wife is dead. my daughter was dead. and i wasn't sure how my sons were going to make it. christmas shopping and a tractor-trailer broadsided them. -- they were christmas shopping and a tractor-trailer broadsided them. it can and will get better. there will come a day, i promise you and you parents as well, when the thought of your son or daughter, or your husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. it will happen. >> biden's two sons did survive and made full recoveries. you can see more of the vice president's emotional speech on our website at >>> howard is up next with the forecast a
in the united states, yes. >> your story is really incredible because you are the son of immigrants. you did not have really any experience. >> being a hotellier but yet you have built this organization to a level of excellence and elegance. far superior than many others. >> well, i think maybe the fact that i didn't know anything about the hotel business i'm a builder by trade that was my construction. in determining what to build and how to operate, i approached from a customer's perspective. so you would come up with the same ideas. we have been innovating over the years, many things that became firsts but it was all thinking, focusing what would a customer consider to be of value and what would be useful away from home and office. so maybe my lack of experience was an opportunity to think outside the box and do things that maybe hoteliers at that point thought were unnecessary. so things have worked out from that first day. >> very successful. now you have written this book. what was the purpose of the book? i think it was to inspire people. >> well, yes, but the people i wrote it for in
a chicken day. the dance was first introduced in the united states in 1981 during the tulsa, oklahoma oktoberfest. the novelty song reached number two on the british singles chart when it was released that very same year. so if the spirit moves you, dance like a chicken. it's your day. yes. >> we've done that at a fair number of weddings and bar mitzvahs. >> not when i was sober. >>> weather wise, we're doing okay. more rain on the way. just getting some word, by the way, pretty reliable twitter sources that i follow saying the caps coach dale hunter is going to step down from the team. they just got eliminated from the playoffs. according to the general manager, it's citing personal family reasons. we'll have more on that assuming that is correct on 9news now at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. that could be big news coming out of the caps world. weather wise, let's talk about that. much needed rainfall we talked about at the top of the broadcast. now we're looking at more rain on the way before the afternoon is out. temperatures may make it into the low 70s. maybe. we're going to get close, at
. >> the president of the united states. >> here is the president arriving. [ cheers and applause ] >> after wrapping the g8 summit at camp david and a nato summit in chicago, he headed for colorado. after that he will make stops for a campaign fund-raiser. we'll be right back. >>> egyptians are going to the polls in their first democratic presidential election in the nation's history. they will be selecting a new president more than a year after a violent uprising took down mubarak. >> reporter: egyptians could not hold back their excitement as they surrounded their presidential hopeful. the former foreign minister is a front runner in the first free election in the country's history. he says, god willing democracy will prevail and we will start rebuilding egypt. these egyptians want to be part of it. some men and women waited for hours in separate lines to vote. since a third of egypt's 50 million voters could not read, a dozen candidates on the ballot had photos and symbols next to their name. another favorite is a former member of the muslim brotherhood party once banned in egypt. egyptians are c
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